App FAQs

Simplify your work life... One App at a time!

What are the Apps?

We know entering time and managing timesheets are not very much fun for anyone. So Dovico Apps is a group of Applications (Apps) that have been developed by/for Dovico that specifically:

  • First and Foremost; help Simplify your lives at work :)
  • Extend the functionality of your Dovico services
  • Experiment with emerging/newer technologies

How do I Download or Use an App?

All the Apps include detailed information on how to retrieve the App and also the requirements for the App itself. Please make sure you review these requirements to make sure your Mobile Device and/or PC is able to run the App properly.  

Note: Some Apps may require an installation on your Mobile Device and/or PC, while others may be used immediately through your web browser.

Are the Apps reviewed by Dovico?

Yes !!  When applications are submitted they are checked by a 3rd party and/or Dovico for quality including but not limited to: buggy software, apps that crash too much, use of unauthorized APIs, privacy violation, and anything that degrades the core experience of the Dovico applications, products, or services.  

Dovico makes every effort to provide accurate information on the Apps functionality, features, and intended usage. However we are not responsible for any typographical errors or errors of omission in regards to the App description, text or other information presented within Dovico Apps.  

Most of the Apps are for Dovico Hosted Services - What is this?

Dovico Hosted Services are DOVICO Timesheetâ„¢ being accessed directly from Dovico through the Internet.  You will find most of the Apps located in this store are for these services as they utilize our Rest API to access your data.  If you would like to try one of the Apps with Dovico Hosted services then you may sign up for a Free 30-day Account without any obligation.

How is Security handled?

Access and data security is a top priority during the testing & development of the Apps before they are published on our store.

The majority of Apps listed were built utilizing our Dovico API and therefore require you to enter an authentication API Token or your Login Credentials. This allows that App to access some data that you have access to within Dovico Hosted Services. All API communications from the App to Dovico servers require SSL encrypted HTTP and need to pass two authentication criteria before the API may be accessed. Therefore these steps help keep your data safe in transit to the App.

We have also built in the ability for your company to disable API access to your company data. This can be set by a Dovico administrator in the Database Options screen of the Dovico Hosted Services.
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