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Projects on Time?  Over Budget?  Monitor your projects in real time using this handy Dashboard on your PC, Tablet or Smartphone web browsers.

The Dashboard monitors up to 4 projects that you can change at any time.

Know at a glance:

  • If your projects are Late or are approaching their End Dates
  • When your projects hours, company costs, or client costs are approaching your budgets or worse - Over Budget!
  • Dive into the project and review an overview (Client, Status, Description, Project manager, and Costs etc.)

All time/costs figures represented are based upon Approved items.  No unsubmitted or Under Review items are included in the calculations. 

The currencies displayed represent the Display Currency that you used within Dovico Timesheet when last reviewing the budgets or costs for that project.  To change the currencies shown:

  • Login to Dovico Timesheet
  • Navigate to the Budgeted Time and Costs view
  • Select the project, then a new currency in the top right hand corner

To view the Dashboard in its entirety you must have read access to the Projects view, Assignments view and the Time & Expense view within Dovico Timesheet. Data will also be restricted based on limited access settings.  This service does not modify any of your Dovico Timesheet data or store any additional data on your device or on our servers.



  • You may access this service on any combination of
  • Desktop Web Browsers (Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari)
  • SmartPhone Web Browsers (iPhone, Android v4.x and above, Windows Phone, BlackBerry phone)
  • Tablet Web Browsers (BlackBerry Playbook, iPad, Android 4.x and above tablets)
  • You must have Internet Access to your company's Hosted Dovico service.
  • This service is hosted on Dovico Servers and will be updated by Dovico as new versions are released.  No user intervention is required for updates.

Developed by Cognitive X Solutions Inc. 

We want to help our customers grow their business by solving problems with an Innovative application of Information Technology. We are a team of passionate software craftsmen that believe the true power of technology is the people that enables it.

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