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As a Manager, we know it’s difficult at times to remind Employees that their timesheets are due for submission. Sending the same ‘old’ emails time after time... Employees stop reading them and you don't even like sending those emails!

So is there a better way? Yes, send employees reminders that they will read and even laugh at.

The Funny Reminders service works off your existing approved timesheet data and uses the employee emails within Dovico Timesheet to send them a funny timesheet reminder of your choice. Or you can even customize and create your own reminders!


  • See the approved time of all your employees for a selectable date range (2 week max)
  • Sends e-mails to employees with a funny reminder to submit their timesheet
  • Use one of our Funny Reminders or edit/create your own.
  • Receive an administrative summary of your funny reminder email.


  • Go to the Funny Reminders web page.
  • Select a timesheet date range and enter the minimum hours required by the Employees for the date range.
  • Select a reminder or edit/enter your own.
  • Click Send


  • You may access this service on any combination of
    • Desktop Web Browsers (Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari)
    • SmartPhone Web Browsers (iPhone, Android v4.x and above, Windows Phone, BlackBerry phone)
    • Tablet Web Browsers (BlackBerry Playbook, iPad, Android 4.x and above tablets)
  • You must also be using the Hosted version of Dovico Timesheet.  
  • Updates are handled automatically by the developer.

Developed by ZenQ
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Support Information

This application was supplied to Dovico by the developer therefore support requests should be initially directed to the Dovico support department at 1-800-618-8463 and 00-800-4618-8463 or by email at