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Enter your vacation or sick time on your PC, Tablet or Phone and have this sync to Dovico Timesheet.  Or for Managers; see a monthly calendar view of your staff and recognize who is off sick and on vacation so that you can adjust your project plans.


  • Submit Time-Off Requests for Full & Half Days.
  • See your Remaining Days
    * All Remaining Days and Requested/Approved Days are calculated based upon setup information entered by your Manager/Administrator using the Time-Off App.  If your manager has not entered any information in this App, then Remaining Days will not be displayed and the App will use the current calendar year.
  • View a Calendar of your Time-Off taken and/or requested


  • Approve Time-Off Requests in the App itself or within Dovico Timesheet
  • See who is out of the office sick, on vacation etc.
  • Set Totals (in days) per employee per fiscal year on the tasks assigned under the Leave/Absences project.
  • Set your Fiscal Year End (used for calculating Remaining Days in this App)
  • Set hours for half days and full days (ex. Half Day = 3.5 hours, Full Day = 7.5)
  • Receive copies of Approved/Rejected e-mails (great for secretarial staff, HR or as an audit trail).
  • See a Report outlining Approved Days, Under Review, Totals Days Allotted and Remaining Days.

This service adheres to your Dovico Timesheet security model:

  • Employees are only allowed to enter requests on assigned tasks on the Leave/Absences project.
  • All Time-Off Requests will follow the Dovico Timesheet workflow rules for the approval of the sheets.
  • If a person can access employee information (re: see another person’s employee ‘properties’ in Dovico Timesheet) then they will be considered a Manager by the App and they will have access to the Setup Tab and employees will receive approval e-mails automatically.  
  • If a person can access other employees time information (re: see other employees time in the Time Calendar view in Dovico Timesheet) then they will be allowed to see the employees time within the Time-Off Calendar.



  • You may access this service on any combination of 
    • Desktop Web Browsers (Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari)
    • SmartPhone Web Browsers (iPhone, Android v4.x and above, Windows Phone, BlackBerry phone)
    • Tablet Web Browsers (BlackBerry Playbook, iPad, Android 4.x and above tablets)
  • You must have Internet Access to your company's Hosted Dovico service.
  • This service is hosted on Dovico Servers and will be updated by Dovico as new versions are released.  No user intervention is required for updates.

Developed by ZenQ.
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Support Information

This application was supplied to Dovico by the developer therefore support requests should be initially directed to the Dovico support department at 1-800-618-8463 and 00-800-4618-8463 or by email at support@dovico.com