Developed by Gerard G.
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Wow!  Talk about cool.  Start tracking your time in one Tablet/PC/Smartphone web browser and stop tracking in another one.  So no more worries that you forgot to turn off the time tracking on your PC when you leave the office or run to that all important meeting.  Simply bookmark the personalized URL with your desktop browser and you'll be all set. Dovico Timer works with your Smartphone, Tablet and your Desktop PC. Your time is automatically synchronized with your timesheet and can be combined with other forms of time entry.

Or you may be interested in the Timer (for Visual Studio)Timer (Android), or Timer (Windows 8 Store) Apps.  

Let's get started... 


  • Go to the Timer Welcome Page
  • Follow the instructions presented and enter your Dovico Timesheet login credentials.

    Once you have entered your Login Credentials into the Welcome Page you will be provided with your very own Unique Time Tracking URL to be used in any mobile device or desktop web browser. Hint; Send yourself this via e-mail then bookmark in your favorite web browsers so that you always have it handy. This URL does not expire or change, so keep the link handy. :)

Run from Outlook?

In Outlook 2007 or 2010 follow these steps to make Timer accessible via a Folder in Outlook:

  • Copy your URL given by the welcome page after you have entered your token (or from the address bar of your browser)
  • In Outlook, right-click on the root item (e.g. Mailbox – Your Name) and choose New Folder… from the menu
  • Type in a name (e.g. Dovico Timer) and then click OK
  • Right-click on the new folder you just created and choose Properties from the menu
  • Click on the Home Page tab
  • Paste the LINK into the Address text box (the ability to right-click and paste may not work so use Ctrl + V)
  • Check the Show home page by default for this folder checkbox
  • Click OK. Now every time you click on that Folder, your Timer will be shown.


  • 11/03/2014 - Updated to use Dovico Timesheet login credentials


  • This service supports Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari for Windows.
  • You may access this service on any combination of 
    • SmartPhones (iPhone, Android phones, Windows Phone, BlackBerry phone)
    • Tablets (BlackBerry Playbook, iPad, Android OS Tablets)
    • Or Desktop Web Browsers (Windows, MAC)
  • You must have Internet Access to your company's hosted Dovico service.
  • This service is hosted on Dovico Servers and will be updated by Dovico as new versions are released.  No user intervention is required for updates.

Developed by Gerard G.
Gerard is a senior developer here at Dovico and has contributed many Apps built in his spare time.