Top Questions about Dovico

1. How is Dovico Timesheet used?
2. How is Dovico Planning & Timesheet used?
3. Is Dovico Software available as a hosted online solution?
4. What is the project structure?
5. How is security handled?
6. What are our customers saying?
7. Should I develop this application myself?
8. What do I need to know about Dovico?

How is Dovico Timesheet used?

Managers use Dovico Timesheet to monitor Timesheets, Invoices and Expenses for employees, teams, and departments based on Time, Costs, Projects and Tasks. Thanks to today's competitive market place, managers need to run their organizations leaner, faster and smarter. Through better time tracking and project costing your managers will balance projects, manage time and save the corporation money.

Employees enter time and expenses against manager assigned tasks and the software provides productivity feedback on a continual basis in an intuitive nature to increase efficiency and reminds the employees to enter timesheets on a regular basis. An employee sign off process is included which helps reduce incorrect project-task selection by employees, and eliminates data entry errors. This workflow process checks the timesheet for errors, verifies the time, and allows each employee a final chance to change any entries before submission to their manager. Once submitted, timesheet entries cannot be modified by the employee unless rejected by their approving manager. Employee timesheets may be submitted as needed (daily, weekly etc.). See Product Tour


How is Dovico Planning & Timesheet used?

Whether you are managing projects or not, you'll find Dovico Planning & Timesheet is the ideal solution. Whether your need is to improve control over projects and resources with the goal of increasing profitability while still delivering your projects on time and on budget, or if your need is to gather time and expenses more efficiently, you'll find that Dovico Planning & Timesheet is a solution that will suit your complexity and requirements:

  1. Time tracking and costing for project management
  2. Project scheduling based on resource availability
  3. Time and expense entry for billing
  4. Time management metrics
  5. Time and attendance


Is Dovico Software available as a hosted online solution?

Yes, Dovico offers a hosted solution. With the never-ending complexity and in-house knowledge required to install, secure and maintain software, companies are looking for simpler implementation alternatives when purchasing time and expense and time tracking software. By delivering Dovico Timesheet from our Web Servers, clients no longer need to concern themselves with all these technical complications. Companies can focus on increasing profitability and efficiencies from using our software rather than wasting energy and inevitable implementation delays on making sure they have a state-of-the-art server or have the latest security patch from Microsoft.

Although not a new concept, accessing software applications from third-party computer servers is gaining corporate acceptance as previously justifiable concerns about privacy, security and down-time have been overcome. This delivery method, Software as a Service (SAAS), relieves the individual companies from all the headaches and roadblocks of installing web timesheet software. Some clients have even admitted selecting the Hosted solution to bypass already resource drained IT departments.

View our Dovico Hosted Solution Data Sheet (PDF).


What is the Project Structure?

Dovico can handle a complex project structure, though by default it has the following levels of information. You may also customize the terminology according to your needs (i.e. instead of Client, you could use Department, Business Unit, etc.).

Multiple levels for simple project time management Selectable multiple levels within the Project Workspace.


How is Security handled?

We know you are concerned about security within your new project time tracking software purchase. With this in mind Dovico Timesheet has many built in security features for the protection of your private data.

Besides an exclusive encrypted login algorithm designed by us, Dovico Timesheet has permission based security allowing for Managers to specify each employees access. Providing them with only the information that is needed by that employee to do his/her role within the organization. This powerful security integration allows dictation of access to views or data entry.

If you have questions about security or would like to discuss with our technical staff before implementation then please contact our helpful technical support specialists.


What are our customers saying?

Our customers are very pleased with Dovico's service and product as outlined in an ongoing customer satisfaction survey showing consistent results of +99%. But, don't take our word for it, take a look at a sample list of our customers and see some testimonials. View a Sample of our Customers


Should I develop this application myself?

Off the shelf products (like Dovico Timesheet) are:

  1. Sold in large numbers and therefore are less expensive than "creating" your own.
  2. Ongoing compatibility testing and upgrades are released regularly.
  3. Products are kept up-to-date with changing technologies (i.e. Operating systems, Databases, etc.).
  4. Software development companies have spent years researching and developing their applications to ensure that it is reliable and that it offers what users require.

Which option suits your needs?

Advances in information technology have created more complexity in defining costs and risks associated with building your own solution. At the same time, a high sense of urgency to make these decisions exists. When faced with the very important question of whether to buy an off-the-shelf time tracking software or to "create" your own, companies need to evaluate costs (including risks) and benefits of both alternatives. However, because costs and risks associated with in-house software development are most often underestimated, it is important to consider what could happen when a company decides to develop their own application.


What do I need to know about Dovico?

How long has Dovico been in business?

A company with 15 + years experience has proven it can stand the test of time. It is preventative practice for you to ask yourself, "Will this company be there to support us in one to three years?". Training staff and implementing new web timesheet software is too expensive to make a decision without this consideration.

Is Dovico financially stable?

Although private companies don't publish their profit ratios, you may want to ask this question and get a reaction. Consider the impact of training your staff ($$$) and find out that the company is having financial problems! Any corporate financial problems can be an especially detrimental blow in the case of Hosted (SaaS) Software solutions, as you could lose your entire database (as we have seen in many cases). Rest assured, Dovico is a profitable project time management software company.

Does Dovico provide the highest level of product and service support?

Every company claims they have great customer service and support. Ways to evaluate this are to call and see if you speak to a machine or a real person. If you are greeted by a machine in normal business hours, then you are already getting a message of your importance. Put us to the test - Ask questions to our support and sales departments before you buy!


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