Software integration

Integration with QuickBooks®

Seamless data integration

Two way integration between QuickBooks and Timesheet for Billing, Invoicing or Payroll

QuickBooks® Dovico has created a seamless integration between QuickBooks® (or QuickBooks Pro) and Dovico Software, This two way link of information communicates important Time and Expense data directly to QuickBooks® for accurate Payroll or Billing (Invoicing) purposes. Link compatible with QuickBooks® US, CDN and UK versions (2006 to 2011). This two way integration is included FREE.
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Integration with Microsoft Excel for pivot table reporting and data management

Microsoft® Excel Linking Microsoft® Excel to Dovico Software provides the power of Microsoft Excel's data manipulation through spreadsheet pivot tables, charts and graphs. Of course all reports may be exported into Excel for additional editing. Compatible with Microsoft® Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010.

Application Programming Interface (API)

Your purchase of Dovico Software includes free access to our Application Programming Interface (API). The API permits any client to intergrate their Dovico data with on-premise applications, cloud services, third pary applications powered by Dovico, amoung other services. See our Developer Center for details.

Potential application ideas:

  1. Integrate with third party billing services.
  2. Develop a mobile platform dashboard application for a project's Key Performance Index (KPI).
  3. Integrate with on-premise accounting software.
  4. Custom import tools (QuickBooks, Sage, CSV etc.)

Importing & Exporting

Getting started for the first time? No need to type in all your data, simply use the import functionality built into the application.

Of course thanks to our open database architecture, Data Mining or Business Intelligence tools may extract data directly from the database. For example, using Microsoft® Access, you can easily select specific fields in the database and pull information against complex queries so that only the needed information is presented. Visit our Developer Center for code examples, database schema's, etc.

Do you need other software integration?

Need something specific? Please contact a helpful customer service representative.

* Microsoft® is a registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. QuickBooks® is a registered trademark of Intuit Inc.


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