Update to Dovico Login Procedure

There is an important change coming to Dovico Timesheet in our next major update that is due to be released in Fall 2016. Our plan is to transition from using User Name/IDs to login to Dovico to using email addresses.


In the next major update, this change will make it easier for your employees to remember their credentials and reset their passwords. It will also be easier for you to invite new employees to start using Timesheet and send reports and notifications.


We will be phasing in the change over the next two minor updates and then be finalizing the change with the next major update of Timesheet due out in the fall. Below the changes are broken out in each of the phases.

Phase 1

Included in the next minor update, due out in a few weeks, the employee properties form will change so that the email address field becomes a required field and that the email entered be unique for all active Timesheet employees. This will ensure that all new employees entered into the system have a unique email address assigned to them when they are created.

The Dovico API will be updated so that when inserting or updating an employee the email address will be required.

Phase 2

In a minor update that will be released shortly after the Phase 1 update, we will introduce the ability for an employee to log in using their email address in the User Name field. While the employee will still be able to login using their user name/id, we will notify them that they can now use their email address and encourage them to use it going forward.

Two things will happen the first time an employee logs in after this update is released. First, they will be notified that they can now start using their email address to log into Timesheet. Second, in order to make sure that all employees have a unique email in Timesheet, and they know what it is, they will be shown a dialogue box asking them to confirm their existing email address or to enter a new email address and confirm it if they do not have one entered into the application. Also, employees will be able to change their email addresses in the User Options screen if they wish to change it in the future. Note: The login page uses the term User Name for this field, while the employee properties form uses the term USER ID.

The Dovico API will be updated so that the Authenticate API call will accept either the username or email address as the username parameter. This will allow users of Dovico apps or third party apps to use their email address to login.

Last Phase

Finally, in the next major Timesheet release due out in the fall, the ability to login with user name/ids will be disabled and all logins will need to use email addresses. There are a lot of exciting changes coming in the next major release. For those of you who like to ease into change slower than others, your company will not be forced to immediately upgrade to this update. We will give everyone a chance to review the changes in the new update and opt into the upgrade when they feel comfortable with the new functionality that will be introduced.

When you decide to upgrade to this major release the Dovico API will be updated so that the Authenticate API call will only accept email addresses for the username parameter.

What can we do to help you through the transition?

If you have any questions or concerns about the transition, please feel free to contact the support department at 800-618-8463 or 00 800 4618 8463 for International customers. You can also fill out our support form at http://www.dovico.com/support.aspx. We will get back to you promptly and do anything we can to help your company smoothly transition through each phase.

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