Cloud Move FAQs

What do I have to do?

Not much. We do all the heavy lifting for you. We'll send you to an ftp site where you'll upload your database and we 'll take it from there. No IT will be required once you are hosted. We perform all the archives, backups and upgrades for you.

How long will this move take?

You will be up and running within hours. This is normally done all within the same business day.

What training will be required after the move?

None. Absolutely none. It's the exact same software interface. They only real difference will be a new login page. All user names and passwords remain the same.

From where can I log into the software?

You can access your data on any computer from anywhere in the world. Since it is hosted (and secure), you just go to our website to login (

What more do I get?

You get access to all our free apps from Dovico Apps. Mobility is here to stay. So far there are about 20 apps with more and more on the way. (

Can I trust hosted services?

Dovico takes securing your information seriously. Our partners are among the best datacenter providers in the world. Trust in Dovico Cloud Services

Our customers are talking about their move to the Cloud

"Things went incredibly smooth. Almost too smooth it was creepy! As the in house IT guy, you kinda expect something to go wrong or there to be some glitches to work out but there were none. " - Owen, Business Administrator, Keystone Architecture & Planning Ltd.

"I love it and it is very easy to get around in. I have added all of my favorite tabs to the top and I am enjoying the new look and ease of getting around in it. You both are great to work with" - Stacy, Vice President/Business Manager, Land Surveying Incorporated

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